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Tue, 30 Aug 2005

Time for a new start

Well, I finished my job today. One of the first times recently that I've left a company while it's still running (current count is 5 closed down/bankrupt companies in my wake).

It's a weird feeling to leave behind this group of guys, we built some seriously kick-ass solutions and it was one of the best teams I ever worked with. It just got to feel like I was living in a Dilbert cartoon and, as PHB Murder is still a crime, I decided to make a move.

Got a few days off in between jobs, time to catch up with Daddy duties and finish off the back garden.

I'm ready for the next challenge and it'll be great to be hardcore tech again.


Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it's time to play lego

Time for me to get my lego stash sent over from the UK I think (either that or buy Edward some and 'look after it' for him for a few years)

I saw this and immediately started thinking of all the cool mods you could add to it!


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